Those damn hippies…

I have been taken over by the hippie lifestyle. Ethics have been the name of my game this Year. It hasn’t been a slow process, it’s been 5 years in the making. I have seen my fare share of suffering and I find my new ways are much more fulfilling than the past life I once endured. With the holidays approaching one always finds themselves being reinvented, finding something to start over or make better. Perhaps it’s the human conscience that guides us this time of year. Or maybe it’s our souls finding comfort in another year ending and being alive to see the next. either way I feel fresh, ready for what the next year will show me. I am calling this year YEAR26. In case you didn’t guess, I turned 26 recently and since 25 was so full of change I decided to dedicate an entire blog to the next chapter. So grab the granola and almond milk kids, it’s time to begin!


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