The Brightness in the Park

Theres a story behind everything we do in life. The first car you ever bought, the coffee table in the living room, the dog you rescued from the shelter. Not much floats through life without gaining a history along the way.

There is a park not too far from my house that I like taking the dogs to. Its not a very exciting park, theres the usual grass and weeds, the random dry dog poop someone didn’t pick up, the metal fence that people can see through. I wasn’t feeling particularly sunny that day, some days you just wake up in a funk. I figured spending quality time outdoors would do the trick. As I looked around at the dogs playing and sniffing the ground I noticed the flowers that had grown in small patches around the park. I walked over and inspected their long stems and bright colored petals. On instinct I began to pull them out and collected myself a nice stack. Naturally I wanted to do something with the flowers and without hesitation I began to tie them at the stems. I figured if I couldn’t feel like sunshine, I could at least wear it! A flower crown was born that day, I put flowers in my dogs hair too! I noticed my mood got lighter and suddenly I didn’t feel like poop. My creative juices got flowing and I had a rush of happiness fill my body.

“All plants are our brothers and sisters. They talk to us and if we listen, we can hear them.” – Arapaho


When I got home I thought to myself I would really like to make one that lasts! So I got in the car and headed to the crafts store. I picked the flowers that spoke to me the most and brought me a sense of joy and peace. The daisy has always been one of my favorite flowers. As soon as I saw it I was immediately drawn to it. When I began working on my flower crown, I took great care to make it as perfect as I could. When I finished I placed it gently on my head, looked in the mirror, and again felt the same brightness I felt at the park. There is something very natural and powerful about wearing flowers on your head. It must be primitive and engrained in our DNA to feel a certain kind of special once we adorn ourselves with anything from nature.


Every crown made has this feeling of natural serenity to it. Nothing is an accident. Nothing is as beautiful as the simplicity and grace that nature gives us. It is a gift that I wish to extend to as many people as I can.

You can find the Daisy crown on my Etsy shop HippiesAndGranola

Find us on Instagram @hippiesandgranola


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