Mindful Beauty + Self Worth

Back in the day I was a makeup artist trained in NYC and working for MAC, the ultimate in makeup artist land. I loved being an artist and found it so rewarding…. for the first 2 years at least. Then I started to feel like all I was getting were women who wanted to me take away their flaws, insecurities, and cover them up. I felt like the career I was in was telling women they weren’t beautiful the way they were, but rather they had to look a certain way to be loved and feel confident. I no longer felt joy in my work and began to question the message and purpose of what I was doing. Starting a Yoga and Meditation practice really helped me to figure out what my actual purpose was. Fast forward several years and here we are!

Oh so much makeup


I have not changed my stance, I do not believe women need to wear makeup in order to be beautiful. Not in a million years will I ever again send that as my message! However, there are many reasons why we would want to wear makeup or beautify ourselves, its called self care and it is very essential to our goddess nature as Shakti beings! I myself on any given day have worn makeup and give myself some pampering. I still paint my nails, wear concealer, and do a facial mask from time to time. Although the actions may be the same as before, my intentions now are very different. VERY different. Allow me to explain….

Now days I don’t put makeup on to cover something up, I put it on to enhance my natural beauty. I have no problem wearing makeup and I certainly have no issues being seen without makeup, in fact I went an entire year without a drop of product on my face when I got out of the beauty industry. When I put on makeup now, its a conscious choice I make to enhance the beauty I feel from within to the external. I’m not doing it to hide or to feel more confident, I’m doing it out of a sense of empowerment. The difference now is that I already feel beautiful without it, therefor putting on makeup or nail polish is just an extension of that beauty I feel. Another difference is that I no longer feel some sense of ego driven confidence when I am done putting makeup on. I don’t feel grandiose or that I am better than anyone else because I feel I look so good! It used to be that I got a grand sense of who I was with a full face of makeup on, like I really was something special, really better than everyone else. I no longer feel that at all, I have truly learned to not see myself as more special than anyone else. I don’t think of people as being different than me, I see myself as part of the human collective and I don’t use makeup or beauty to define my status in this community.

I can now see my ego bursting out of every pixel here!
I can now see my ego bursting out of every pixel here!

I am very conscious of my choices now, from what I eat to what I buy, nothing is overlooked. When I was younger and really into beauty I only cared about what looked good, I paid no attention to how it was made, by who, or if it hurt anything or anyone in the process. I didn’t care about my environmental impact and I certainly didn’t care if animals were being tested on. That couldn’t be farther from the truth today, I have made every effort to make sure I only buy from a place of empathy and knowledge. I am learning everyday about new products and where they come from, if they test on animals or use animal in their products, if they are made ethically and who makes them. I am not perfect and don’t always make perfect choices, sometimes I have to realize I may not have all the facts on something but I still make an effort to seek the information out. Why would I want to live my life constantly reading labels and only buying consciously, you ask? Well a better question would be why live in ignorance?

Ignorance might be bliss, but it sure doesn’t make for a more beautiful world.

If I wanted to truly walk the talk then why would I continue contributing to the worlds problems and suffering? I am not hurting myself or anyone else by trying to find out more about a product. My lifestyle is about becoming the healthiest version of myself, and that means I read labels and I find out as much as I can about the item. Not only am I that much more educated about where my money goes but I can take the best steps to knowing what I put on my body and how healthy it might be.

My beauty routine used to mean I spent an hour and a half getting ready in front of a mirror before I stepped out of the house, these day’s I may only take 30 minutes from start to finish, and thats on a really awesome day! I no longer stare at myself for hours making sure every hair is in place and every inch of my face is flawless. I am so much more grateful for my features and I can happily look in the mirror and see beauty in being minimal. Simplicity has become so gorgeous to me, that I actively seek out the simplest method to accentuate and highlight my features.

I did NOT wake up like this!
I did NOT wake up like this!

Whats my makeup routine now?

Concealer, mineral powder (a highlight and contour), blush, liquid bronze illuminator, mascara, and eye brow filler. On a fancy day I wear some eyeshadow!

Natural and SImple
Natural and Simple

Thats my simple routine and it takes me less than 15minutes to do. Isn’t it fantastic? I absolutely love my routine now! I love making my naturally long black lashes pop with some mascara, I adore how my olive skin shines with a little bit of powder, I love how the delicate contours of my face accentuate with some bronze shimmer. On a really special day I add some eye shadow to show off the maturity in my eyes. Wrinkles don’t bother me, I welcome them! Blemishes are just there as a reminder of my humanness. Dark circles tell me a story about my sleep cycle! Its all gorgeous to me.

Being minimal and simple has taught me so much about my own inner worth and what truly is beautiful. Not allowing myself to get caught up in stories of lack and selfishness. I don’t judge those who chose to beautify themselves on a daily basis nor do I condemn those who chose that as their lifestyle. I simply live by the principle of empowerment and health. I believe everyone’s beauty shines from a deep inner space and the physical is just an extension of that.


Have questions for me? Write me in the comments below! More beauty articles to come in the future, stay tuned.

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