Empowerment Mantra

There are so many things in this life that can really make you loose your cool. At any given moment something can happen that makes you go off balance, push your buttons, and make your relative zen fly out the window. We are human beings and things just get to us that, if we aren’t careful, can really throw us off. Especially during the holidays, surrounded with family or people who don’t share our beliefs or ethics,  in a different town or country than our own. Things can get intense fairly quickly.

Before the holidays arrived I taught a Yoga For The Holidays workshop where I shared my personal mantra’s for stress reduction and empowerment. One mantra in particular has really become very dear to me, its in english which I feel makes it more accessible and meaningful to those of us who still aren’t familiar with sanskrit. It came to me during a time of stress, a time when I really thought I was starting to loose my cool. It really brought me back down to earth and I came out of the situation much calmer than I ever would have before without it. The mantra is simple and yet so powerful, it goes like this:

You have more than enough, you have everything you need

A mantra is a phrase you can say repeatedly, using a Mala if you like, and bring your attention into focus. When it comes to Yoga, this is the 6th Limb of Yoga called Dharana, getting you eventually to a state of meditation in deep sacredness. Yogin’s have been teaching us for thousands of years that our thoughts become reality, so a mantra is a phrase that we repeat so that our actions and our lives become that thought or phrase.

You can say this mantra outloud in a safe space, or silently to yourself. If using a Mala, which I find super helpful in times of high anxiety, be sure to go around the full Mala and go through all 108 beads. This not only helps to seal in the energy of the mantra but also helps to calm the mind considerably. I have used this mantra on the mat during Savasana, corpse pose, but also at the vets office awaiting some possibly terrible news. This is an all around Mantra, you can truly use it anywhere at any time.

My hope is that you will use this mantra as a way to believe you are indeed whole and taken cared of. Use it as you need, on the mat or off, and see if creates any type of change, maybe in a subtle or substantial way.


Do you have a Mantra you want to share with the community? Write it in the comments below!

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Photo credit: Tiana Hunter Photography, Sustainable Yoga wear by Harvest Active


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