My Top 10 Conscious Beauty Products


On my social media accounts I am posting about many different things, from my Tiny House to my Vegan meals and everything in between! Recently I have been asked about natural beauty products and what I use. Although this would be much better in a video, I have to learn how to use my incredibly complex camera, so in the mean time here is a list of my favorite products for all things beauty!


A very important note here: It is within my yogic tradition to live within the principles of Ahimsa as much as possible. The products I use are all cruelty free and most are vegan, about 90% of them. Most products are also biodegradable and sustainable. To the best of my ability and knowledge I purchase products that do the least amount of harm to the animals, the environment, and the humans who also create them. Just as I am not 100% perfect, the products I introduce may also not be 100% perfect. However I do feel they are the best options we have given the alternatives. I am not being paid by any of these companies to promote their products. If you have any suggestions or constructive feedback please feel free to share openly and honestly in the comments below. 

Ok, here we go:

  • Desert Essence Jojoba Oil

jojobaI have been using this brand and oil for several years now and have not found anything on the regular market that I love more as a moisturizer/lotion. This is an amazing plant based product that leaves your hair and skin naturally moisturized without any build up. One bottle lasts me way longer than any lotion ever did and I couldn’t be happier with the way it has benefitted my skin. I have combination skin so this product not only leaves my dry patches hydrated but my oily spots under control. Its all around amazing and I could be happier! Little side note, you can use this oil as a DIY natural body spray or spritzer base for essential oil blends. You can purchase it at any natural foods or beauty store.

  • Alba Botanica Aloe Vera Gel

aloeI remember when I lived in Puerto Rico as a little girl playing with Aloe plants in the backyard, and when I had a scrape or cut my mother would break off a leaf and place the gel on them as a healing homeopathy. In the last year or two my boyfriend has healed his Acne using Aloe as an overnight mask. For myself, I use it as a leg moisturizer and face mask, but sometimes also as a primer for my makeup. It has incredible healing properties to it and leaves the skin feeling baby soft. You can get this product online or in stores.

  • Heritage Store Rose Water

rosewaterRose water is one of those things that I wish I had known about when I was younger, and now that it is in my life I wonder how I ever lived without it! Rose water is an amazing scent that really wakes up your spirits and lifts all the funk out of the brain. I use this as an all around body spray, armpit freshener, or mood booster. I love to spritz myself right after a shower and in the middle of a stress induced mental fog. I now prefer this scent over lavender although I sometimes make a fragrance with rose water and lavender essential oil and its marvelous! This particular brand is vegan and was reviewed by Logical Harmony in this post.

  • Crystal Deodorant

deoderantThis is one of those things that most women and men have a hard time with. Our pits are always a love and hate relationship and I think its something we should all reconcile with once and for all! I used to use this when I was in college and then started dabbling with other products until recently when I started using it again. The fact is you don’t want to clog up the sweat glands in the pits as much as you don’t like them! This is a salt that controls sweat bacteria but does not clog the glands. If you need a bit of scent just spray a little rose water after an application and call it a day! I have not had any rancid body odor and I am totally happy with this product. This deodorant Contains No Harmful Chemicals and lasts a full year!

  • Essential Oxygen Brushing Rinse

brushing rinseI have gone back and forth between tooth pastes and will probably continue to do so for a while, but for now I really love this particular product for many reasons. Mainly this is a 2 in 1 which is good for us lazy hippies who love to travel around town with minimal products! I have noticed it really combats bad breath and leaves my teeth very very clean and smooth. It also has whitening properties to it as an added bonus. Its clean, cruelty free, organic, and vegan! Win win win.

  • Avalon Organics Shampoo

avalonI have very very dry scalp and its been an issue since I was in high school. I am constantly in search of a good shampoo that can help ease the itch and control the flakes. I personally use this particular formula however they have other formulas that are just as wonderful. The brand is vegan, cruelty free, and sustainable. I do believe they are also biodegradable as well, and they support girls education which is fantastic! Read more about them here.

  • Acure Leave in Conditioner

leave inUp until recently I was using Jojoba on my split ends to help with the frizz, but after my haircut a couple months ago I found it was too slick and I switched over to this spray instead. Its great for a blow out and between, especially for curly hair like mine. I currently use lots of products from Acure, including their dry shampoo between washes, and they are getting a lot of recognition as a vegan brand. The products smell amazing and are clean of any ingredients you don’t need to place on your body! You can find it at any whole foods and Target stores near you.

  • Dr Bronner’s All-One Lip Balm

lip balmWhen it comes to my lips I have a hard time going without a conditioner for them because they easily chap. I used Burt’s Bee’s for ages but started using this brand because I loved their castile soap so much and really trust the company as a whole. Although the balms are not vegan, because they contain beeswax, they are 100% cruelty free. And a little tip during a cold or stuffy nose, you can apply this on the dry skin around your nose and it works way better than any lotion! True Story. Read about their All One mission here.

  • Elf Cosmetics Makeup

elfElf is a brand they sell at Target stores and recently went fully Vegan. When I made the switch to all vegan makeup I was so happy to find a brand that was comparable to MAC and I didn’t have to break the bank with! This brand is certainly not perfect, it does not use fully organic or natural ingridients, however they took a step in the right direction going vegan and they are accessible to all economic statuses, and that gets my support. There are many other vegan and natural makeup brands that I also use and completely love, such as Pacifica, Tarte, Juice Beauty, Eco Tools, Zuzu Luxe, and many others. I encourage you to look into the Vegan Beauty Review and Logical Harmony blogs for a list of vegan and natural beauty brands.

  • Pacifica Coconut Makeup Remover pads

makeup wipesOnce I started wearing Makeup a little more often I needed some wipes to get the makeup off, since I am off grid and want to save water for other things. These wipes are not only all natural and fully Vegan, they are also biodegradable. They use 2 of my favorite plant ingredients Aloe and Jojoba so it was a no brainer for me. These particular ones leave you smelling like a coconut and that makes me very happy! I use a lot of makeup from this company, their Stellar Gaze mascara is amazing, and I highly recommend them. They have beautiful products and they give to charity as well. You can find this brand at Target and many other health stores. Read about how they help women get jobs here.

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Product websites Below:

Pacifica Alba Botanica Essential Oxygen ELF Cosmetics Dr Bronner’s Desert Essence Crystal Heritage Store Acure Organics Avalon Organics




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