Creating Gratitude in a Time of Lack

In the spiritual circles there is a lot of talk about the power of manifestation, and it is true that we have very special powers on our existence and what comes into our lives. However if we aren’t careful to understand why we are trying to manifest something into our lives in the first place, we can create more problems than what we are trying to solve. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy if you are not manifesting what it is that you want to create and therefor become more discontent with the your life.

When you feel a strong sense of lack or scarcity it may be an indication that you are already discontent with your current circumstances, which in turn implies that you may have an underlying insecurity. Its very easy for us to get caught up in thoughts of lack, especially if you are in a difficult situation. Your energy becomes depleted, your mental worry creates physical tension in the body, and you become paralyzed by the thought and feeling that you are incomplete without what you are missing. This becomes true around money, career, relationships, children, material items, and so much more. Manifesting something with an underlying negative feeling creates a lot of mental stress and anxiety. When the mind is clear, you can only be grateful for everything that is already in your life.

One of my favorite teachers, Byron Katie, speaks about feelings and how they can create chaos during the manifestation process;

Feelings are the effect of believing. I cannot feel without a prior belief.For a lot of us we think we feel first and then put thoughts on it, but the thoughts in time are consistent. Think, Feel, act, have- thats the order of creation. Thats how we create this false world, and a false world is not necessary because reality is so for us!

In order to manifest something meaningful that will create more balance and stability in our lives, we must learn to work with what we do have and manifest an extension of that in order to create more harmony and balance. If there are feelings of dissatisfaction it will only cloud our thinking and create more problems.

What do we do when we become entangled in this process and how can we prevent more chaos in our lives?


A gratitude journal is not a new concept and it is one that will never go out of style! Find a notebook that inspires you to write constantly and place it in a spot where you can’t ever miss it. Commit to writing once a day or twice a week and allow yourself to sit until gratitude comes and inspires you to write. If you’re not really sure where or how to start, begin by writing down 10 things you love that are in your life right now, in this moment. Become really still and let whatever comes come. Nothing is too little or too big, too insignificant or too broad. Allow yourself to feel grateful for anything and everything and watch the weight lift off your shoulders.

Meditate and Inquire

Find a safe space that feels comfortable and perhaps play some soothing music in the background. In your dedicated Journal write down these 3 questions, when you’re ready:

  1. I’m upset because I don’t have ______________________
  2. Is it true that I need ______________ in my life to be complete?
  3. What would my life look like if I didn’t have the idea that I am missing something?

Sit with the last question and really allow yourself to be with it. Meditate, breathe, and let go.


One of the greatest lessons in the Buddhist and Yogic traditions is the practice of Mantra. This is something you repeat over and over to ignite a certain energy through the vibrational frequency of thought and sound. Our thoughts shape our world and we want to be really careful with that!

Although there are a lot of meaningful mantras out there to choose from, one of the deepest most meaningful mantras I personally practice came to me during a time of intense anxiety and it helped to lift me out of insecurity. I offer it to you as a gesture of pure love, may it help you on your journey as it has helped me. Write it down in your journal and then repeat it to yourself as often as you need to.

You have more than enough, you have everything you need


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The 3 questions in the inquire section were inspired by Byron Katie and her book Loving What Is. For more info on Byron Katie, visit


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